About Us

Modern Times Film Company is a content producer working in TV commercials, broadcast promos, print, mobile phone content, short form projects and documentary work. With over 20 years experience, we pride ourselves on providing production solutions, being forward thinkers (we shot our first HD project in 1988) and our ability to dance.

Our clients are advertising agencies, production companies and client direct, providing creative solutions, production support and consulting. Through our director roster we often take the production through post. We provide production services here and in South America, though we shoot all over the world. And we consult for those clients and agencies looking for a different solution.

We are actively developing new media projects. We've been providing content for the mobile phone market since 2003. We've produced web driven product for Directv and others. And we are developing several branded content projects including "OBA! Sounds of Brasil!" which explores the dramatic influence of the Brazilian sound outside of Brazil and "I Only Eat Eggs in Cinncinnati" which chronicles the wit and wisdom of one Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra.

Michael Deane
Executive Producer

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